Investigations of a talented journalist Abby that take place in mysterious town called Oldbridge. Exciting adventures and huge amount of brainteasing puzzles awaits our main character!

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Young journalist Abigail Fletcher is about to go on a huge adventure! Numerous locations, tricky mysteries, exciting stories of a small American town Oldbridge, challenging puzzles, and new acquaintances - this is basically everything one could ask for!

Join Abbie and uncover all of her family secrets, teach the villains en route a lesson or two, and follow closely all the plot twists!

Abbie can’t wait for you to join her on the adventure, solve all sorts of mysteries, and crack puzzles and solitaire levels on the way! Start your quest to become a true detective and a solitaire pro!

Riddle Road offers you:

  1. Spectacular locations and magnetic characters!
  2. Mini-games to your own taste!
  3. Addictive solitaire levels with diverse mechanics!
  4. Loads of challenging tasks!


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