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Glera Games: Let it Show!

Glera Games had a big online party: Let It Snow!🥳🥂 300 Glera Games employees from all over the world gathered online to get into the holiday spirit. It was so wonderful and warm:...Read more

Glera Games Birthday

We’ve grown up! We missed each other. And recently we have finally met in four different countries to enjoy an important day: the birthday of Glera Games!🥳 We hugged each other,...Read more

The 100th Anniversary MTQ Expedition has been released

The 100th Anniversary MTQ Expedition has been released. Congrats to the team! Launching our first expedition was a huge, challenging, yet interesting mission for our team. It was a challenge we...Read more

Summer Event in Vilnius

It was hot in Vilnius last summer! Wakeboarding, golf, fire show, great food and dancing until dawn… It was a memorable evening with wonderful...Read more

Summer Picnic in Minsk

В Минске мы собрались за городом, где отлично проверили время в кругу коллег: играли в игры, общались и...Read more

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